Great way to Cherish the moment, with Printing it on Wooden block. It will look great on the wall or just to stand it on your desk.
Remember Every moment
Choose from a huge range of materials. Come and print your memories.

Photos on Barn Wood

Unique decor for your walls on Barn Wood

Cherish The Moment is a company that offers unique decor for your walls on Barn Wood. We take your memories and print them onto wooden blocks of various shapes and sizes. Additionally, our Barn Wood is sourced sustainably and is a lovely backdrop to bring your memories to life. Our Barn Wood blocks serve as a unique decor and look great hanging on a wall or standing alone on a shelf.

We can customize the shape, size and type of Barn wood block to best fit the image you want to print. With our unique and creative designs, you can create a beautiful display of your favourite photos, quotes and artwork. We turn your photos into something special and unique and guarantee you will cherish the moment. So don’t wait, create your unique wall decor with Cherish The Moment today

Photos on Spruce Wood

Personalized Printing on Spruce Wood

Pic Stop is the perfect place for anyone who wants to capture and display their cherished memories in a unique and beautiful way. Our company specializes in printing photos onto spruce wood, giving the photo a rustic, timeless look. We believe in the power of moments and strive to create something special for our customers to keep for a lifetime.

Furthermore, we use the highest quality spruce wood panels and a special printing process to print each photo with the utmost precision and care. Moreover, our goal is to provide customers with an item they can cherish forever and proudly display in their homes. With a photo on spruce wood from Pic Stop, you can share your fondest memories with the world in a way that will last.